Inspirational Christian Wall Art

We are called to meditate on the word of God day and night, and what better way to do that than to fill your house with Christian wall art? And not just any kind of Christian wall art decor – here at Prone to Wander, we are proud to give you designs that are sophisticated and timeless. With a wide array of popular Bible verses to choose from, you will find the perfect religious wall art in this collection. Whether you want to be constantly reminded of God’s grace, the gifts of the spirit, or even to frame a poster with a popular Bible verse to give away for Christmas, our collection of Christian inspirational wall art has just the right design to hang in your house or to hang in the house of a loved one.

Keep the Word of God in the palm of your hand. Prone to Wander LA is committed to making it just a little easier to keep your life's purpose in mind all day long with phone cases, jewelry and home essentials that motivate you.

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We are passionate about making God's Word, YOUR word - personal, tangible and visible in the items you wear, carry or use everyday. Keep the Word of God in the palm of your hand with inspirational Christian phone cases, jewelry, and home accessories. Shop today and get your favorite reminder or messages right where you need them most.

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