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Milcah’s daughter, Izzy, came home from school yesterday with some exciting news to her mom. “Mom, remember Jorge, Lolo’s (Grandpa’s) friend? He’s staying with his daughter now. He’s not homeless anymore!” My father in law (Izzy’s Grandpa) would bring Jorge breakfast and coffee almost every morning before he takes Izzy to school. She has met him only once but is always included in her nightly prayers. So you can imagine just how happy she was to give me the good news. Her prayers were answered!

Today is quite special for us here at Prone To Wander LA because we get to share with you about an organization that we believe is making a real impact in lives of our homeless families here in Los Angeles.
On this Giving Tuesday, we are giving 100% of today’s sales to @penandnapkinorg. They are a non-profit community of designers  that furnishes and decorates homes for families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness! When a family, or individual, transitions into an empty home they are more likely to return to homelessness, but with furniture, there is a 100% success rate of ending the homeless experience in their life!

This specifically inspires us because of how this community uses their talents in interior design (definitely right up my alley too!)- and pulling together resources to create impact right where they are. It shows us how we all can, too. When we recognize that the gifts we’ve been given, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, are given to us to bless others.
Homelessness is currently LA’s biggest problem. It is everywhere. There are conflicting opinions on what should be done about it. It can get us overwhelmed or paralyzed that we end up doing nothing. WANT TO GIVE! Here are a couple of ways. ☝🏻ONE: Check out their website to learn more!  ✌🏻TWO: When you purchase anything from the shop today, the ENTIRE  AMOUNT will be donated directly to Pen+Napkin and help end homelessness for a family today! Happy Tuesday!💛

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