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“RUSH” is a word that should not have a place in our lives. When we rush, we lose our energy to the urgent, not necessarily the important. When we rush, we feel like God’s voice is inaudible, because we don’t hear it at the little window of time we have to listen. When we rush, we miss out on His good, and settle for “okay”. I admit. I have a problem with this word myself. It’s like an enemy that I constantly invite for dinner. But lately, I got a love note from God. He was reminding me to slow down and just be in His presence.



This season, God invited me to “HUSH” instead of “RUSH”. To hush is to intentionally pause, listen and dwell in His presence. To sit and enjoy in the presence of my love.  All over the bible, He has written us LOVE NOTES meant to be received when He has our full attention, when we’re ready to pause, listen and receive. Imagine the God of the universe, yearning for your time and attention. That's crazy. And everyday, He awaits you in the secret place. “You are mine..” He says. Could you get more intimate than that?



Our new collection was birthed from days and days of intimacy with God. “Love Notes” is a collection of little notes from our lover, reminding us of the kind of relationship He wants us to have with Him. INTIMATE. And that often happens, not in the chaos, but in a quiet, set apart corner. Just you and Him in the secret place. Intimacy takes us to a place where we are reassured that no matter the circumstances, we are secure. Intimacy reminds us that no matter how this world rejects us, we belong to the ONE who created it. It teaches us how to control our hearts, even when we can’t control the storm.. and it teaches us WHO controls it! Intimacy is God reminding us that the relationship with Him is not an “end goal", but rather a day-by-day, non-rushed, walk with Him. We designed these collections with you in mind. I think we all need a little reminder, don’t we? Each of these designs has spoken volumes to me. They remind me that as a lot of things demand my attention, God is here, yearning for that attention as well— non-rushed. I hope these speak to you as well.


Care to slow down and just enjoy His presence today?😌

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