How to Keep Christ in Christmas

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“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

From the very first note, The Christmas Song instantly pulls you out of the present and throws you into the midst of your happiest Christmas memories. You’re a child again, happy, innocent, and so excited for another merry Christmas. 

You’re surrounded by family, presents abound under the tree adorned with Christian Christmas ornaments, and relatives are gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus; giving each other the tightest hugs and millions of kisses.

Just the first line of that song, and you remember what it smelled like – warm, fresh cinnamon buns, filling you with a peace that represents your safety in the midst of the people you love the most. 

Amidst all the hurry and flurry, this holiday is only meaningful when you keep Christ in Christmas! This beautiful Christian holiday is truly like no other as it represents the true meaning of our faith: the love of Jesus Christ.



Why is it Important to Keep Christ in Christmas?

As a Christian, our faith cannot separate the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus. In fact, the happy part about Christmas being at the end of every year is that we get to reflect on how we have lived the past year. Does the peace of Jesus reside in our hearts? Do we find ourselves happy and content with where we are? Did we represent our faith and our love for Jesus in the best way possible?

Our devotionals during Christmas time usually concentrate on the love that it took for God to send Jesus down to earth, to be born in human form. 

Have we lived in a way that represents the true meaning of being a Christian? Did the past year reflect our faith in Jesus? Is there peace in our hearts as we prepare to put Christ in Christmas? And are we able to keep Jesus Christ in Christmas amidst all the merry-making and gift-giving?

It can’t be denied that Christmas has become such a commercial holiday. Sometimes, it’s hard to celebrate and keep Christ in Christmas when we’re surrounded by books, songs, events, and marketing that pull away focus from Jesus. 

Black Friday has become such a commercial phenomenon that the whole world knows about it. While stressing over gifts for giving away in gatherings, even if we are giving away Christian Christmas gifts, we might sometimes forget that the best gift has already been given: Jesus.

So when we feel ourselves spiraling and losing focus, how do we pull ourselves back? How do we keep Jesus Christ in Christmas and display our faith in the true meaning of the holiday?

The simplest way is this: to be faith in action. Keeping Christ in Christmas is a matter of living out our faith in our daily lives. When we have the peace of Jesus, our words will be life-giving and our actions edifying.

When we make time for our daily devotionals so that we are in tune with Jesus, then our life follows. And those are some of the ways you can be sure you will have a truly merry Christmas!

What are Some Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas?

There are so many ways that we can keep Christ in Christmas. But just in case you needed a few ideas, we outlined a few options just for you!

1.   Plan a Christmas Project of Good Will

While we may have merry memories of Christmas, some people, and even pets, may not share this experience. And since the true meaning of Christmas is the love of Jesus, then as Christians, this is a great way of keeping Jesus at the center of it all: by sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those who really need it the most.

You may know an individual, a family, or even a community that would benefit from your generosity.  Help keep Jesus at the center of their lives by sharing Him with them over hot meals, warm clothing, and gifts that bring joy – especially for the little ones. 

In fact, your church may already have a project in the works! Ask how you can be a blessing to others, and share your time and resources to keep Jesus alive in the hearts of those whose burden is heavy. 

This is also a great teaching moment for your own children! If we want them to grow up to be kind empathetic, and compassionate, then we must model that for them. These are traits that Jesus had, and it is our goal as Christians to look more and more like Jesus every single day.

If your family can afford it, don’t hesitate to adopt a pet from a rescue shelter! Make a furbaby’s Christmas the best ever by surrounding them with food, shelter, and safety. Yes, the love of Jesus extends even to our family pets!

2.   Go Caroling with Friends and Family

Do you have a talent in singing? Or does your family consist of musicians who can play instruments? Or you do just want a fun way to spread the cheer and the love of Jesus while involving everyone in your family?

Then Christmas Caroling is the way to go! You can visit places that don’t have big Christmas celebrations, like hospitals and nursing homes. You and your loved ones could really brighten up someone’s day with Christian Christmas carols, and the good news of the love of Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to be professional or fantastic – you just have to be warm, loving, and genuine. The love of Jesus will shine through and bless so many people around you.

3. Read Devotionals on Christmas Morning Before Exchanging Gifts

Christmas morning is so exciting for everyone because they get to open tons and tons of presents! Who doesn’t love ripping up wrappers and finding a great gift inside? But if we really want our families to keep Christ in Christmas, then keeping Jesus at the center of the celebration is necessary.

It doesn’t have to be long, but having family devotionals is a great way to do this. You can review and retell the story of the first Christmas, or share your favorite verse of the year with each other. This way, you center the excitement on the greatest gift of all – Jesus Christ.

4. Give Gifts that Invoke the Spirit of Christ

Buying your loved ones gifts is a great way to express your love. You’ll show your partner that you listen to their wants; your kids feel extra loved and special when they open their gifts to find their heart’s desire. Jesus had a soft spot for the little ones, and we definitely have to pour out our love on them during this time!

Make sure to incorporate Christian themes for Christmas as well, and this includes gift-giving. A Bible is a great gift to give, and there are different designs that can fit different personalities. 

A devotional and journal is also another way to help keep Christ in Christmas; A cool design for a poster that has his life verse is something your college-aged son can put up in his dorm; or a lovely, and delicate Christian necklace would be a great addition to your daughter’s everyday outfits.

There are so many ways to keep Christ in Christmas, and gifts are definitely a great one!

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5. Write a Handwritten Christmas Letter to a Missionary

Sometimes though, in their obedience to spread the gospel, there are some people who can’t spend Christmas at home, like our missionaries. Imagine how lonely it can be to be in a place unfamiliar and far away from everyone and everything you love.

This is why a handwritten letter from you can be exactly what they need. It will feel personal and genuine when handwritten and knowing that you took time out to thank them for what they do can fill their love tanks to the brim. What better way to share Jesus this Christmas than loving on His most devoted servants?

Celebrate Christmas Meaningfully This Year

Jesus is the reason for the season! This phrase may be a cliché, but like most clichés, it’s very true! Without Jesus, there would be no Christmas. 

Without the love of Jesus, there would be no salvation. Without Jesus, all of this would be for naught. And this is why we have to keep Christ in Christmas – so that no one would miss out on the most important gift of all: the salvation that can only be attained through Jesus Christ Himself.

From all of us here at Prone to Wander LA, to wherever you may be, we hope that you are having a merry, wonderful, warm, and safe Christmas!

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