Racism in the Lens of the Gospel - A Resource Guide

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There is no lack of voices out there speaking about the issue of racism.  As followers of Jesus, it was important for Yna and me to filter out all the information available and process it from the perspective of God’s ultimate plan for mankind and our mission as His ambassadors in this world at this time.




  • I’m a Christian who is new to this topic. I want to educate myself on the issue of racism through the lens of the gospel. 
  • I have a lot of questions I’m uncomfortable asking.  I want to learn how to engage in meaningful conversations so I can be equipped to start these dialogues with my community as well. 
  • I’ve realized I’ve been part of the problem through my apathy.  I want to stand with our Black brothers and sisters in practical ways but don’t know where to begin. How can I get involved? 

If you are at least one of these three, then we’re on the same boat! We are by no means experts or experienced in this subject. But what we have is a genuine desire to be part of the solution.  We are just starting to learn and these resources have helped provide direction through a Biblical perspective in a mission-minded community.  We hope that it will be helpful for you as well.   


1. Blog: Uncover


We met Krista Hengesh, leader of the Live Salted community, in 2016 when we were vendors at one of their first conferences and have followed them since.  Krista is a passionate leader who loves the Lord and people and it spills over every content that she puts out. 

Their new blog series, Uncover, aims to host conversations that discuss the intersection of anti-racist mindsets and the Gospel. Here’s an excerpt from their intro blog that released yesterday:

“We believe the Lord’s heart is aching for the Black community and inviting us all into action. As believers, we are called to spearhead the charge of justice, and that’s exactly what we want to talk about through this series.”

Friends Ife (Black woman) and AJ (White woman) are hosting this conversation.  We are excited to dive in with them in the next five weeks as they tackle this subject in the context of friendship and loving conversation. 


2. YouTube: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man


Some of you might have already discovered this channel if you follow Joanna Gaines on Instagram.  She and her entire family of 7 were in episode 3 having this uncomfortable conversation with a Black man, Emmanuel.  I have watched the other two previous episodes and they were very insightful as well.  As someone who do not have a lot of Black friends, I didn’t know who to ask about a lot of questions I have. This channel aims to create a safe space to educate yourself by asking a Black person honest questions. 

At the end of the first episode, Emmanuel said this “You must first educate yourself to know exactly what you’re standing for and why you’re standing. Because the only way we can solve this issue through exposure, education, compassion, and empathy.”  Before we are able to stand with our Black brothers and sisters, it is necessary that we put ourselves in their shoes, feel their pain, and truly understand issues that pertain to them on a personal level.


3. Podcast: Made For This

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? with Mike Kelsey

THIS WORK STARTS WITH YOU with Latasha Morrison

The podcast is one of the most convenient formats for me because I can listen while I’m driving, folding laundry, or cooking dinner.  While I haven’t found one yet that is just focused on this specific subject, I came across these two bonus episodes of a podcast that I already follow. It’s the “Made for This” podcast with Jennie Allen. 

In these two episodes, Jennie interviews two Christ-followers who are able to provide sound advice for beginners like us because of their long time exposure and experience in the work of racial reconciliation.  They provide perspective to the current events that can be overwhelming to process for us who have just started on this journey. These two ministers are passionate about inviting, equipping and encouraging the body of Christ to get involved in the Gospel work of  ‘bringing every people, tribe, and tongue back to Himself’.


4. Webinar - The Talk 


In one of my prayer times since I watched the murder of George Floyd, I asked for God to not let my grief be worldly sorrow.  The one that just feels sorry but does not really do anything about it.  I’m prone to fall into that. I want God to break my heart for the things that break His. I want Godly sorrow that leads to repentance - the grief that causes me to turn away from the sin of racism into a path of actively seeking peace.  

Because of this, I was intentional about finding resources that help me build on that. The Talk is uncomfortable because the conversations expose the ugliness of racism in my own heart.  It is challenging because it acknowledges the tension we feel when we address the ways we’ve participated in it consciously or unconsciously. But it is empowering because it is a community of Bible-believing, Jesus-following, black, white, and brown brothers and sisters who are choosing to lay down their differences to pursue a common goal of being accurate image-bearers of Christ in a watching world, especially at this time in our history.

The platform is unique to the other three resources because you can participate in this conversation live. So if you have questions, you can ask them right away. The first Zoom session was last June 9th. You can check out the recording below. Their next one will be one June 23rd. You can register here.



We hope you find these resources helpful. Let's learn together. And in this journey, be kind to one another. God bless!

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