Story of Hope - Day 1: PERFECT PEACE

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Reading: Genesis 1-2, Isaiah 26:3, John 14:27

Our story begins in the Garden of Eden. God had finished creating the world. He formed the earth from nothing, spoke light into existence, painted the skies, filled the land and waters with living creatures, and finally formed man to rule, tend, and enjoy everything He has created. When He finished, He rested with satisfaction and called it “good”. Eden was a picture of completeness and perfect peace.


Eden was a picture of completeness and perfect peace.


When we look back at the Garden, we see the original intention of God in Creation and for humanity. It was good and beautiful and how we hope we can go back to that state again. In fact, every human heart longs for Eden, whether we know it or not - that perfect peace found in unbroken communion with our Creator. We see that longing expressed in so many ways through the stories of the Bible, throughout history, and even to this day. 

Although Eden is now just a memory of what once was, it also points us to what will be again someday. And because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, it is something we can begin experiencing again today as He gives us in John 14:27. 

In this world, our hearts will feel anxious, dissatisfied, and insecure. It is telling that our soul is not in a state it was made for and thus continues to yearn. Our deepest longings are meant to be satisfied in God alone. Peace does not just mean the absence of problems. Perfect Peace is wholeness because of the fullness of God dwelling with us. 


How does a perfect day look like? A perfect week? Month?

How do you seek God’s peace when things are not going as planned in your day?


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