Story of Hope - Day 2: BUT GOD

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Reading: Genesis 3

Not even three full chapters into Genesis, man falls into sin and changes the entire course of history. But before this same chapter ends, God already gives a glimpse of his redemption plan for man. Verses 14-19 reveal to us a lot about the character of God.

We see a God who is just. God gave clear instructions about not eating the fruit and what the result would be if they do (Genesis 2:16). Their disobedience incurred consequences. Sin brought death and we feel the impact of the fall to this day. 

We see a God who is sovereign. Eden was our greatest loss. It was the most tragic event in the history of mankind. Imagine man being sent out from the Garden of perfect peace and wholeness and separated from God. It caused God deep sorrow, but He was not caught off guard by man’s deviation from the plan. In this same chapter, He gives the first mention of the gospel. In the midst of the chaos, God begins to unfold His plan. 

We see a God who is gracious and loving. In His power, He could have wiped out the entire creation and just begin again. But because He is love, He acts in the context of relationship. In the midst of the curse, He gives a promise, a blessing, and a hope. He sets out a plan of pursuing the hearts of men back to relationship with Him.  


But because He is love, He acts in the context of relationship. In the midst of the curse, He gives a promise, a blessing, and a hope. 

When Adam and Eve realized what they had done, they were probably convinced it was the end for them. There was no going back from it. They will be separated from God forever. The damage was permanent. BUT GOD. The perfect world has now been marred by sin, BUT GOD promises a Redeemer. Peace is now broken BUT GOD is already setting into motion His plan of redemption. 

Our world is experiencing a crisis that seems too big and uncertain. We look around us and see how fear is gripping the hearts of people as we face the challenges of COVID-19. Knowing God through the pages of Scripture teaches us that we can trust Him. Our God is in control. The worst epidemic that plagued man is sin and God has already made a way for us to overcome through Jesus Christ. We can rest in His sovereignty, goodness and love. He will carry us through during these unsettling times. 


Look back and recall one thing you’ve done that caused negative repercussions, not just to you, but to others.

How did God show grace in that situation? How did grace look like for you, personally?


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