The Story of Hope

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Hi friends! We are so glad you could join us here. Today, we released a new collection in our shop - inspirational leather bracelets! It’s quite special because not only is it a new collection, it’s a BRAND NEW product. We’ve never carried bracelets in the shop before so we are so excited for you all to see it! They’re beautiful, simple and something you can definitely wear every day as a Truth Reminder. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out here.

Another thing we’re so thrilled about is a 5-day devotional that we are releasing with this collection. Each bracelet has words in them that tell a part of a story of Scripture. The devotional we created takes us to these words and explains further the meaning and significance of each. 

This devotional was brought about by an ‘aha’ moment during my personal Bible study time. I’ve been a believer since I was a teen. I’ve read Bible stories and listened to sermons all my life. But somehow, all those stories seem disjointed. I struggle to understand how every story from Genesis to Revelation fit together. 

Understanding that ONE story helped me understand who God is, how He works throughout history and how He is working now. It helped me see my story and how it fits into the narrative that He is writing in the hearts of men through the ages. 

Many of us here have a real desire to dig into Scripture and we want to know how to apply it in our daily lives. Our hope is that this devotional becomes a tool for God to open your mind and heart in understanding Scripture more clearly than you ever have before.

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