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While there's nothing magical about having a word for the year, it's an exercise that can help set our minds back to focus every now and then and get us back on track with our overall goal for the year. If you've never done this before and would like a few tips on how to get started this 2019, we hope this five-step guide could help you. 



1. Reflect on your journey 


    Where has your walk with the Lord taken you this last year? Is there an overall theme? Think about what God has spoken strongly to you about - verses, challenges, visions, or even passions He has started cultivating in you. Then think of the coming year in relation to those. How do you want to respond to what the Lord has been speaking to you about? What aspects do you want to flourish in? How do you envision yourself growing in these areas? 


2. List them down


    As you read His Word, take note of phrases or verses that really stand out and speak to you. As you listen to songs, there may be lyrics that minister to your heart. Write these down on paper. Be more aware and observant as you collect these words and keep jotting them down. 


3. Narrow down your choices


    The key about having a word for the year is being concise. Although there's no rule about having JUST ONE word, it's best have something as short and straightforward as possible -a word or phrase that you can refer to quickly to be reminded of your main goal.

    Once you have a good list, look for a common theme or idea that ties everything up. Then narrow the list down, shorten the sentences, create concise phrases until you get something that represents a general idea of your entire list. 


4. Support it with Scripture


    Pick 2-3 Bible verses confirming your Word. If you can memorize them, that's even better! It can be the verses you keep meditating on throughout the year. As you come to the Lord in prayer, lift up your goal and recite these verses with it. It's a powerful tool to build your faith up! 


5. Make it visible


    Post that word where you get to see it often. A few ideas would be creating a wallpaper on your computer or phone; posting an art print on your work table; or putting a canvas banner in your room where you can see it right when you wake up or a wall right before you get out of your door in the morning. 



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What's your word for the year? We'd love to hear your story and where God is taking you this 2019! 


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