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This blog has been a long time coming. Though it's taken a while, we're excited to finally get around to doing it. We were in no rush to have this section come together until we knew we were ready. We wanted it to be meaningful, purposeful and personal. Through the three years of building the Prone To Wander LA brand, we have experienced the thrills and challenges of starting a small business and there were moments when we hoped we could connect to our community and share more than what newsletters and Instagram posts would allow. That is how this finally came about.

This is a space where we share a little more in-depth, behind-the-scenes look on our day-to-days not only as small business owners but also as a woman, wife, mom and Christ-follower. It is also where we get to give more information on our newest projects and products. While we have not figured out the an entire outline of topics and posts just yet, we know we want this to be an avenue where we get connect with our community in a more intentional way.

Our hope is that as we share our thoughts, our heart and learnings, you would see the story behind the brand. The real story that God orchestrates that is beyond the fun phone cases, pretty necklaces and inspirational home decor. And that this story of God in our neck of the woods inspires you, encourages you and blesses you even in the littlest ways.

Soooo excited! Hope you'd join us here often.


Milcah and Yna

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  • Congratulations! Looking forward to learning more about the two of you as you share on your blog. My daughter started one and it is a lot of work, take your time and keep your focus on Him!!!

    Kenna on

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