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For many of us, working from home has many advantages. We’re able to carry on with work, spend time with the family, and help save lives by staying in the comforts of our home. Yet for many, this is not an option. This is not their reality. Day-to-day reality means going out there, braving through the day, risking their health— their lives really— to put others first.

Last week, we sent out 10 sets of 10 reusable masks to nominated teams/groups, that are working selflessly out there. We hope this gesture, though small, could extend God's love to our brave workers. Somehow, we hope this shows that now, we want to put YOU first.

We received a photo of a medical department wearing the masks we've sent out. There's a unique sense of joy in our team when we saw that. We may practically be strangers, but we felt a connection. Somehow, there's that feeling of oneness. We don't necessarily go through the same things, but I think they know that we have them in our thoughts and prayers.

As our county extends the #saferathome order, we also extend our prayers and encouragement to those who don’t have the same choice. We continue to believe that no season is a waste in God’s hands, and the same hand that created the universe is creating beauty out of these ashes. He is still in control, no matter what our circumstances look like. Us, at home, can never fully understand the kind of sacrifice you have to make daily— but do know that we are grateful. To our front responders and essential workers-- THANK YOU.💛


If there are other ways to extend help, we would love to hear about it!

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