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YOU ARE INVITED. As much as I would want to have all of you, friends, at our table, to celebrate, dine, laugh, pray with, I’m just not sure that’s (logistically) possible. And I bet most of you have something planned for tomorrow and the day after, as well, already. This invite is not for that.


There is always something to do, always a deadline to catch, always something to cook, and clean and create and worry about.  But he  here’s a *revelation*: YOU’RE OKAY.  It’s okay if the dish is a little undercooked, or the lights weren’t all put up. Maybe you forgot to get that gift for Uncle, or the kids are a little rowdier than usual. It's okay. To some, this year is much different than the previous years. The family is smaller, the house a little quieter. Friend, we love you, and I’m inviting you to still CELEBRATE. This kind of invite is one that gives you “permission” to pause, ponder, and position your hearts to praise— with whatever circumstance you now have. Celebrate because you have a Savior and He is here. Celebrate because even if the year was really rough, it didn’t change the fact that your eternity is set because of Jesus!! And that’s really all that matters!🙌🏻


“Come, let us adore Him!” Whether you’re at home, at work, on the field, or on the road, I invite you find the space, time, mind and heart, to celebrate Jesus. Surrounded, or alone, I pray God envelopes you with His presence. I pray that ABOVE ALL THINGS, you will be reminded that because of Jesus, from now on you will NEVER be alone.💛


Thank you, God. We do not deserve this kind of love. We truly do not need anything else. We’ve got the greatest gift.✨🙏🏻


Our small team is excited to celebrate the next few days away from our desks and computers. From tomorrow until January 2nd, our office will be closed. So before the day ends, from our family to yours, a blessed Christmas, and a hope-filled new year. We love you!💛

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