Deborah In The Bible : Girls Like Us - Day 5

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PRAISE like Deborah

Scripture: Judges 4-5


We know Deborah as the only female judge mentioned in the Bible. Alongside that calling, she was also a wife and a prophetess. She stood her ground when the rest of Israel was, yet again, in another cycle of rebellion. She was faithful to God in fulfilling her roles and people respected her and looked to her for wisdom and guidance.                                                 

Deborah is leading a people whose hearts were far from God. Once again, the nation of Israel has forgotten Yahweh and gone their own way. God then directs Deborah to tell Barak to go into battle, but Barak hesitates to go if she doesn't go with him. It was not her role to go into battle but agrees to it anyway.                                                   

Deborah instructed Barak, directed the people, strategized with the army, and foretold the victory of the nation of Israel in this battle. Her handprints were all over this triumph that brought Israel forty years of peace. But instead of stealing any of the glory from God, she leads her people to a song of PRAISE for the battle that the Lord has won for them. This expression covers all of chapter 5 of Judges as Deborah and Barak extravagantly declare the work of God. It speaks volumes of Deborah's heart and devotion to God. God was glorified through her faithfulness, courage, and leadership. She praised because her people's hearts were once again turned back to the Lord.                                                          

Deborah is inspirational because of her courage and wisdom. We look up to her as someone who achieved great things for God. But the lasting impact she made in her time was not in the battle she won against the Canaanites but the hearts she won back to the Lord. She was careful to point the people back to God through her praise. When people would likely lift her, she made it a point to lift God's name. We are called to do exemplary works just like Deborah. It may be in different fields and circumstances using our unique giftings but all for the glory of the same Name. When we give God glory, He uses it to draw people's hearts back to Him.



Cite a couple of achievements you’ve had this year. How does God play a role in your achievements?


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