Book Of Esther Summary : Girls Like Us - Day 6

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BRAVE like Esther

Scripture: Esther 1-10


Esther is a Jewish orphan girl who was taken in by her uncle, Mordecai, and would later rise up to be the queen and the hero of her people.  We see the hand of God move from the time she was chosen to be queen by King Xerxes. Though Esther was chosen because of her beauty and virtue, we know that the Lord is already setting up the stage for a mighty work that He will do for the people of Israel through her.

The conflict in the story begins when Haman, the king’s official, got so angry with the Jews that he plotted to kill them all. Mordecai learned about this evil plan and was convinced that the Lord will save Israel from being wiped out because of the covenant God made with them. He then thinks of Esther who had the chance to be used by God for such a time as this. He implores her to go to the king and request to speak with him.  Queens during this time were not allowed to go to the king unless the king called for her. Doing what Mordecai is asking her to do could cost her life.

Esther, who was hesitant at first, asks for Mordecai to fast with her and courageously decides to go and speak with the king. She puts her life in the hands of God and tells Mordecai that if she perishes, she perishes. Esther goes in to meet with the king. Because of his love for her and God’s hand on her, she receives favor from the king as he holds out the golden scepter towards her.  She invites the king to dinner where she reveals Haman’s evil plot towards the Jews. Being a Jew herself, she pleads for her life and the life of her people. The king was furious as he learned about Haman’s plan.  Haman was hung on the gallows and the people of Israel were saved.


Her hesitation in the initial conversation with Mordecai tells us she was scared for her own life. She understood the danger she was faced with but also recognized that it was no accident that God put her there at this exact time and for a specific purpose. Being brave does not always mean feeling ready or bold. Being brave means trusting that God is actively involved and is continuously working in and through our lives to complete His grand plan. Being brave means wholly submitting ourselves before God and saying, “Here’s my life, Lord. Use it in whatever way you please.”

You may not exactly be like Esther who lived a fairy tale story of being an orphan to a queen. But the details in how God worked in Esther’s life is the same way he works in yours. He is engaged in every moment of your life. He uses your experience, situation, character, and influence to bring about His perfect plan. When God asks us to step out in faith, He knows we are ready.


Cite a time where you were required to be brave. What do you do when God asks you to “GO” and you feel like you’re not ready?


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