Eve in the Bible - Genesis 1:4 : Girls Like Us - Day 8

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GRACE like Eve

Scripture: Genesis 1-4


Eve may not be the popular choice of women in the Bible whom we would want to learn from. And, she also gets a bad reputation for being responsible for setting the curse in motion by committing the first sin. Studying about her, however, can give us more insight into ourselves than we realize.

 Eve is the first woman. God formed her from the rib of Adam to be his helper and tend to God's creation with him. God said, "It was good". The garden was beautiful. All of creation was perfect and humans walked with God. There was nothing else Eve could want... or was there? Right before Satan tempted Eve, the Bible introduces the serpent as "craftier" than any other animal. His spiel was intended to tease a desire that was present in Eve. Satan used this desire to let Eve question God's goodness and His Word. He deceived Eve into thinking that there was something she was missing out on and there was something better than what God has for them.

Eve fell for it and took a bite of the forbidden fruit. The glorious beginning quickly falls into a tragic event that would change the history of humankind for generations. Imagine what Eve felt in that very moment when she realized what she had done. She caused God to have deep sorrow, got her husband in trouble, and the fate of the entire human race was changed for the worst. But amid the chaos, God begins to unfold His plan.

That part of Eve that transgressed is in all of us. We try to look for other things in this world to fulfill our desires because we doubt that God truly and completely can. We fall over and over and when we fail, we find ourselves lost. We hurt ourselves, the people we love and God. Our mistakes may even change the course of our life for the worse. But in Christ, we are never without hope. Just like with Eve, Christ is able to redeem our life's most damaging mistakes and use it for our good and God’s glory.


Was there a time wherein you’ve deliberately disobeyed God and you didn’t receive the consequences that you deserved? How did God’s grace look like in that instance?


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