Hagar In The Bible : Girls Like Us - Day 1

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KNOWN like Hagar

Scripture: Genesis 29-35 / Genesis 16

Hagar was an Egyptian slave who was purchased by Abraham. Because his wife, Sarah, could not conceive, she orders Hagar to sleep with Abraham. Ishmael was born and this caused a lifelong tension between the two. Sarah treated Hagar harshly and Hagar was disgusted with Sarah. Because of this, Hagar runs away. While she was in the desert, God met her and spoke to her. In this meeting, Hagar becomes the first person in the Bible to have named God. She named God El' Roi, which means, the God who sees.


Hagar was put in a situation that was not her choice. She ends up in the desert saying to herself, “No one cares, no one will take care of me. Everything I have come up with has run out”. It is when an angel from the Lord meets her and asks her, “Where have you come from and where are you going?” In this encounter, she realizes that the Lord sees her and has not forgotten her. In her moments of loneliness, hopelessness, and pain, God came to Hagar and reminded her that she is known by Him. God remained faithful to her and Ishamel. He continued to provide and see them even when others did not.

Hagar is a girl who tried to make the best with what life handed her. Yet even with her good intentions, life was still unkind. She was tired, frustrated, and angry. You may find yourself in the same situation today and feel forgotten and neglected by those whom we thought we could rely on. You can choose to run in rebellion or sit in despair. Her story tells of our God who sees us even if we do not realize it. He hears your anxious thoughts and worries. He cares about you. He knows you deeply and constantly reaches out to you to remind you of your worth.

Have you seen the One who truly sees you? God is relentless in the pursuit of letting you know that you are known and seen just like Hagar.

Have you ever felt like the ‘whole world was against you’? How did God show His presence then and how do you know that God is present with you now?


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