Priscilla In The Bible : Girls Like Us - Day 2

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Our study of Priscilla in the bible continues as we discuss what is said about her in the New Testament and how she carried her faith.

How did she use hospitality to impact others? What can we learn from this woman's life from the bible? Here are some takeaways to help us learn more about Priscilla...

Who is Priscilla from the Bible?

Scripture: Acts 18-19; Romans 16:3-4; 1 Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19


Priscilla in the bible is a woman who is said to be from a prominent Roman family and was married to Aquila.

Throughout the new testament, the 6 times that they were mentioned, Priscilla was never mentioned without Aquilla. Though we do not know much about Priscilla, what we do know is enough.

She is a woman who deeply abided in Christ. She was a woman of hospitality every time Paul visited (Acts 18). She was a hard-working woman in her tent-making business with Aquilla.

Priscilla was also a woman of boldness as she went on mission trips to Syria with her husband and Paul. 

Priscilla In The Bible

What Else Does the New Testament Tell us About Priscilla?

Priscilla was also well-versed in scripture and helped disciple Apollo with her husband, who then continued the mission of ministering and encouraging people.

Lastly, in the New Testament book of Romans, Priscilla and Aquila were known to have risked their lives to save Paul to which Paul and the entire church felt indebted to them.

Priscilla in the bible was a woman who never failed to show up whenever she was needed.

In the multiple instances throughout Scriptures, we see her ministering, loving, discipling, and ever present whenever help was needed.

She never failed to carry a heart of hospitality whenever Paul needed help and a place to stay.

It was said that during that historical context, tentmakers were seen as people who worked common jobs and were approached with a slight disdain at times.

And yet, the faithful partnership, she had with Aquilla continued to shed light on the obedience and kindness that Priscilla carried.

Learning About Relationships from Priscilla

Not only did Priscilla walk in faithfulness to Christ, but she also exemplified a beautiful picture of what a true abiding partner looks like.

Likewise, within this relationship, Aquila and Priscilla had a mutual abiding with one another that truly shows the beauty of entanglement and being for each other.

Through the obedience and partnership of Priscilla to her best friend and partner, we see the character of abiding in full bloom as she remains steady with her love and devotion to her craft, her husband, and her love for Christ.

Through Priscilla, we see an example of abiding to Christ, not only in one instance but in our everyday life.

Be Like Priscilla: Love God with Everything That is Within You

Priscilla in the bible is a woman who leaned in and kept in step with God. Her moments shone in the small steps of hospitality, showing up and studying scripture.

She remained faithful in the works that were not seen by many but were seen by God who paid attention to every facet of response she made.

To abide in Christ is to step into the abyss of the unknown and walk in confidence that God will carry us through. The work of abiding is not an overnight switch that we can turn on, but years of work and learning.

Priscilla's abiding heart for Christ did not emerge one day but emerged through the years as she continued to choose Christ everyday.

Final Advice on Being a Girl Like Priscilla

To be a girl like Priscilla in the New Testament is to actively make the choice every day and every moment that Christ is worth it, and that Christ is the one whom we should continue to fall in love with every day.

So, to the girls who are like Priscilla from the bible, don't get tired of showing up even if it feels that you are sometimes alone: God will see such works and continue to be faithful with you in every crevice of your life. 

How do you keep in step with God and the gospel? What does ‘abiding’ look like in your everyday life? 

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