Rachel In The Bible : Girls Like Us - Day 7

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DREAM like Rachel

Scripture: Genesis 29-35 


We know Rachel to be the daughter of Laban and the sister of Leah. Jacob meets her and determines to marry her. It didn’t come easy as Jacob had hoped for. He had to work for her father for 7 years to marry Rachel.  After Jacob served those 7 years, Laban tricks him by giving her older daughter, Leah, instead. Jacob needed to work another 7 years to get Rachel. Jacob's relentless pursuit for Rachel bore fruit and he was finally able to marry her. Thinking it was happily ever after, Rachel finds herself not able to bear children. Rachel could not conceive with Jacob, even though her sister Leah could. Once again, her dreams were not coming true as she had wished they would. Even if she was filled with exhaustion and heartaches, Rachel doesn’t give up. After years of waiting, God gives Rachel his sons Joseph and Benjamin.

 Though there is not an entire chapter or book written on the story of Rachel, what Scripture tells us about her is enough to know that she was a woman who had big dreams. She experienced defeat and frustration because of unfulfilled hopes and desires. Nevertheless, even in this imperfect story, God uses it to show us how He works. It tells us that God knows the dreams of our hearts. In fact, He puts them in us. Rachel expected for her plans to carry out a certain way. But God worked it out another way. He took what was her desire and caused it to come to pass in His time and His way for Rachel’s good and for His glory.

 Like Rachel, there are times when we feel that our dreams are always hindered and out of reach.  It can even cause us to question God and ask why He wouldn’t allow it to happen when they are good and noble desires. It can cause us bitterness when we look at others just like how Rachel saw Leah marrying Jacob first and bearing many children. How painful that must have been! The dream you have might be for a lifetime partner, having children, a successful career, a complete family, etc. Whatever it is, it’s important that we realize that God is the giver and the fulfiller of our hearts’ greatest desires.


Rachel’s story teaches us how even in our own aspirations we need to submit to God. We should recognize that it is He who puts these good desires in us. Each of us carries a dream in our hearts - whether big or small.  Our passage today teaches us that to dream is to bring all of our deepest desires and hopes to God and boldly come to the throne to ask for what makes our hearts alive. God does not silence dreams, but rather, perfects them. He is able to bring these aspirations to reality within His design for His glory and for your good and for the good of others.


Share a lifelong dream that you’ve had when you were a kid. How different is that dream now, and how did God ‘redefine’ that dream?


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