Woman Of Samaria : Girls Like Us - Day 4

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LIGHT like the Woman of Samaria

Scripture: John 4:1-42


The Samaritan woman remains nameless from start to end. Perhaps John thought that labels like, “woman” and ``Samaritan” were more apt to use for the message of this story. The passage tells us she has been married five times and the man she was currently living with was not her husband. This lifestyle was not well accepted by society. She goes to the well at the hottest hour of the day while no one else is there. Jesus who chooses to take the road every other Jew intentionally avoids, meets and speaks with her. He brings the message of the good news to the woman that will change her and her town forever.                  

The Samaritan woman's story is filled with grace and hope. She was in need of acceptance and forgiveness, but two things disqualify her: Her origin (who she is) and her life choices (what she’s done). Since she was a Samaritan, she was an outcast to the Jews. But also, since she was living an immoral life, she was an outcast in her own town.                                     

The Light that exposed her sin is the same Light that set her free. The Samaritan woman is like the girl who feels like she can never be accepted because of who she is. She is also the girl who feels like she can never be forgiven because of all the bad things she has done. Jesus came for the very ones like her - for the ones like us. He says there are no more ‘disqualifiers’ that can keep anyone from being able to come to God.                                                

After receiving the good news, she runs back to town in excitement, even leaving her jar. She couldn’t wait to tell all the people that Hope has come. When you allow God to redeem your life, from the darkness of your sinful past, your life becomes light to those around you. God uses every mistake, every wrong decision, yes - those worst moments in your life to let others know that no sin is too deep, and no past is too dark where His light cannot shine through.



How has God redeemed you from your past? How do you now shine the same light to others?


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