Beauty For Ashes

God’s Promise of “A Crown of Beauty Instead of Ashes”

“…and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.” ~ Isaiah 61:3

Do you ever look at yourself and not like what you see? Have you ever wondered if you were worthy of being here? Do you sometimes feel like those who grieve in Zion – lost and confused? The truth is, we aren’t always beautiful. 

Sometimes, and especially when we find ourselves in the midst of a storm or a dark season, we have a hard time finding the beauty for ashes. In fact, in the Bible, we see it time and again – people pouring ashes over their heads and donning sack cloths during times of total despair. 

Even powerful characters like king David have brought themselves down to the ground, faces covered in ashes, hearts crestfallen. For as long as we inhabit this earth, despair and depression can touch even the strongest of us.

Thankfully, the love and grace of God covers us during our darkest hours, and His love is the beauty for ashes when we despair. Isn’t that such a beautiful promise to bestow upon us? That no matter how low or how unworthy we might find ourselves, we can be sure that God can turn our mourning into joy. 

But we do understand that when you are in the midst of it, it can be a hard thing to remember. Sometimes our darkness can be so heavy that we find it difficult to lift our heads in praise. So to help lift your spirits during these difficult times and to be able to have faith over fear, Prone to Wander LA has the exact collection you need based on devotionals about Isaiah 61:3. 

Beautiful like God’s love and simple and sweet like His promises, these designs can help bring your closer to God during times when it seems hard to get to Him. Simple designs like our Beauty for Ashes collection, just like faith small as a mustard seed, can help us have faith that moves mountains.

Think of these designs like a garment of praise, like his Oil of Joy on the head of those who grieve in Zion, to bestow brighter tomorrows as we hold on to our Lord.

Are you ready to receive your beauty for ashes?

What Does Beauty for Ashes Mean?

What do the words “beauty for ashes” mean exactly? What does the Bible tell us about the phrase “Beauty for Ashes”? The context of Isaiah 61:3 has to do with rebuilding, letting go of the past, and building anew according to God’s plan. 

At this point in Isaiah, the Israelites were tasked with rebuilding after generations of being in exile. And they were now faced with the reality that the new home they need to build up again will never be like the magnificence of the past. 

In an article by Rich Brown, he describes what is the shattering of a collective memory, and being tasked with “getting over ourselves”, letting go of the “good old days” and focusing only on continuing the ministry of Jesus. He is going to give us beauty for ashes, meaning He promises that we need to trust His big picture and to trust that the Lord is always good.

Understanding God’s Promise of Beauty for Ashes

 When we took up our cross and decided to follow our Lord Jesus, we didn’t sign up for a perfect life. Instead, we are almost guaranteed hardship simply because we are not of this world; we need to die to ourselves daily, as we choose to hold on to the promises of God, which is denying the things that are pleasurable according to the standards of the world. 

Sometimes that makes us unpopular, but just like the Israelites in Isaiah, we are tasked with a daily rebuilding, and no longer according to the blueprints of the world. Instead, we need to remain committed to our devotionals, our ministry, and hold on to the promises in the Bible that our Lord and savior will always give beauty for ashes, no matter what hardships we may face.

 We all need support in this regard, don’t we? Part of why Prone to Wander is dedicated to creating beautiful designs on everyday items is to provide that support in many different ways and forms. 

The Bible needs to be accessible not only to us, but even more so to those who don’t have encounters with the Lord on a daily basis. We won't tell your favorite woman that God is within her. To share with your main man that our Lord is always above all. To give hope to the children from a young age. 

All of us, no matter what part of the journey we may be on, can always trust that God will bestow upon us oil of joy in the midst of mourning. He is our beauty for ashes, the light at the end of every tunnel, the calm during our storms. Nothing in life is ever permanent, that includes both the good things and the bad. 

So if you are going through something today, you are grieving a loved one, healing from a deep hurt – remember that your God is an awesome God, and this too shall pass. You will awaken with beauty for ashes.

Shop Our Beauty for Ashes Phone Cases and Home Decor 

God gave us a promise in the Bible that He will make all things work for the good of those who love Him.  Is this word alive in your life today? Do you have reminders of this beautiful promise? 

Always keep this word close to you, whether it’s as a design on your phone case or on your jewelry, or as Christian wall art. There is so much to meditate on, and Prone to Wander LA brings them to you in different creative ways, but in ways that are so easy to incorporate in daily life. 

Art, jewelry, everyday things – these can be the canvas for the love of Christ. There is nothing too small that He won’t use to expand His kingdom.

Reminders of God’s Will to Make Beauty Out of Hardships

If there’s anything we have learned during this modern-day pandemic, it’s that time and distance is no longer a reason for us to not be in touch with the ones we love. Just because we may be far away from each other, it doesn’t mean we can’t give beauty for ashes gifts, reminders of faith that just might mean the world for those we love the most. 

What’s also so wonderful about our beauty for ashes designs is that it’s more than just beauty for ashes quotes – they are carefully thought out and elegantly and lovingly created. Something that your loved ones will know and feel for sure, when they receive these items as a gift from you. 

All of the Christian art in our collections, whether as wall decor or clothing designs, they are lovingly crafted. That’s something that your loved one will feel and take comfort in, knowing that even over distance, your care for them is tangible still.

Show your loved ones that they don’t need to feel alone in their situations in life. Choose the perfect design and lift their countenance with your thoughtfulness – a gift that doesn’t ever need an occasion.

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There are many ways one can be loud and proud about their Christian faith. Sometimes, if you are so gifted, you can use your words and artistic abilities to share the word of God to the world. But another way is to express it via the words of another and the delicate grace of designs that are curated and crafted here at Prone to Wander LA. 

Whether your need is enlightenment about how to find beauty for ashes, or devotionals that will keep your hearts close to Jesus, or anything for your home, the many collections of Christian gifts in our gallery is just what you need.

No matter the space or distance, share this love with your friends and family as well – because we can meet you where you are. Let the love lead you, and explore more Prone to Wander designs today.