Christian Christmas Ornaments

The imagery evokes so much feeling – freshly fallen, powder white snow on the ground; The twinkling Christmas lights draped on awnings under a cold night sky; Christian Christmas ornaments adorning trees in living rooms warmed by a fire; the scent of cinnamon, nutmeg, and warm spices filling the air; and colorful pastries bringing so much joy to the children. 

There’s really nothing like a merry Christmas- everyone’s favorite Christian holiday! And it’s made even more meaningful when we can share the love of Christ through our Christian Christmas tree ornaments.

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A Christian Ornament Collection Designed with Christ in Mind

All these beautiful feelings and memories are exactly what we want to bring to you with our Christian Christmas ornaments while reminding us all of the true reason we are celebrating this Christian Holiday. Filled with eternal biblical truths, these Christian Christmas ornaments will fill your holiday with so much more meaning. 

Decorating our home with religious Christmas ornaments will teach our kids that it goes so much deeper than just the food and gifts we receive. On this special Christian holiday, bring Christ and the holy, inspirational story of Christ’s birth and purpose into your home with these shatter-proof Christian Christmas decor and Spiritual Christmas ornaments. 

Better than glass but just as timeless, these Christmas ornaments are made of acrylic and filled with the holy word. The Bible does tell us to meditate on His word day and night, and during this Christmas holiday, we can do just that by filling every nook and cranny of our homes with Christian Christmas decor. Our Christian Christmas tree ornaments can help ensure that your hearts, minds, and spirits are aligned with the true meaning of Christmas.

Beautiful Christian Christmas Decor to Adorn the Home

In recent decades, this Christian holiday has become a very commercialized holiday, and sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of why we are celebrating it at all. But we know what it truly means to have a merry Christmas; it’s beyond the silver and gold jewelry we receive, or whatever new gadget we may have on our list. 

So while you are busy decorating your home with religious ornaments for Christmas and planning your parties, make Christ a part of the process by including biblical and holy truths in your spiritual Christmas ornaments.

Inspirational phrases like “He is faithful” can be a great reminder that we are never alone. When you surround yourself with messages of faith, hope, and love that can be found in our Christian Christmas ornaments, you bring Christ into your home and every celebration. You will light up your children’s eyes with more than just the lights on your tree; you’ll fill them with the holy light of Christ as well.

Spread Peace and Love with Spiritual Christmas Ornaments 

Here at Prone to Wander, it is important that we marry inspirational words with timeless design, and this is apparent in our Christmas ornament collection. Succinct words that capture the meaning of Christmas, such as “He is Hope”or “Born Is the King” are emblazoned on shatterproof acrylic that will last your lifetime, and maybe beyond. Bringing biblical and holy truths into sophisticated design is our forte.

Aside from the rounded ornaments, we also have calligraphy art designs on acrylic that can even come as a set, to make sure your aesthetic is seamless and cohesive. All the ornaments are minimalist and sleek, so that no matter what kind of look you are going for, these Christmas ornaments can jive right into your home decor. All designs can come in sets that you can purchase so you complete the look of a very merry Christmas in your home.

What Christmas Means to Us

We don’t want to water down what Christmas truly means: that is, pure, unadulterated love that came from above and walked the earth in human form. A holy love that we are undeserving of, but made worthy by the birth and death of Christ Himself. 

While every brand or organization may try to co-opt what the meaning of Christmas is, we know that beyond the holiday ornaments, between commercial Christmas songs and movies, and all the numerous parties and events in the name of Christmas – the only Biblical meaning truly is the birth of Christ.

What Inspired Our Christian Christmas Ornament Collection

That’s why we have this Christian Christmas ornament collection – because we want that beautiful truth, the good news to be a part of every home’s Christmas story. Prone to Wander wants to share that love, to overflow into your home with the goodness that abounds from the heart of God. 

This is what it means to have a merry Christmas: to know the love of Christ. And with every ornament you put up, with every canvas banner, or leather poster – at the heart of it, Prone to Wander is committed to bringing Christ into every home, no matter what the holiday may be. 

We want to help remind you of the love and promises of Christ, and whether it’s on your phone case, your jewelry, or your Christian Christmas ornaments, Prone to Wander is there for you. 

Prone to Wander LA Wishes You a Merry Christmas

As we complete our presents, organize our gatherings, and make lists of all sorts, we hope that you can walk into this holiday season with the truth of Christ in your hearts. We hope that all of our designs and products help you bring the true meaning of Christmas into your home. 

It’s going to be different this year, we might still have restrictions that won’t allow us to be in large gatherings. But for as long as we carry the love of Christ in our hearts, and fill our home with His words, we will overflow into others, no matter how far they may be. And with that, we truly wish you a warm, safe, happy, and merry Christmas this year.