Christian Gifts For Women

Give her something that she will cherish and adore.

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! As the Christmas season nears, we know that decorations will start popping up, pastries will get even more colorful, and lists for gift-giving will start to be written. And of course, the top of that list should include your wife, mother, sister, or significant other!

To make it even more meaningful, we’ve curated Christian gift ideas for her – your favorite lady. So, if you want to know more ideas for the best Christian gifts or religious gifts for women, carry on! 

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Shop the Prone to Wander LA Collection of Christian Gifts for Women 

Here at Prone to Wander, we want to be involved in your day-to-day life, which is why we have products that make it easier to bind your Christian faith to daily living. From beautifully designed phone cases to Christian Home Decor, to Christian jewelry and faith necklaces, we carry a wide array of Christian gifts for women that you can choose from. Whatever the occasion may be – Christmas, Mother’s day, graduation, an anniversary, or just to remind them of the love of Christ – there’s a gift for all the Christian women in your life.

Explore Christian Gifts for Moms, Daughters, Grandmothers, and More

So if it’s for your sister and you’re looking for Christian birthday gifts for her, we have sterling silver jewelry or pretty phone case designs. If it’s Mother’s Day and you’d like to get faith-based gifts for her, our collection carries beautifully designed banners and posters that feature Bible verses. Or maybe you just want to remind your wife that you love her and you’d like to get Christian gifts for her, you may choose from our wide array of gold and sterling silver faith necklaces. Whatever gift it is you’d like to give your favorite Christian women, you’ve come to the right collection. Help them strengthen their faith with these religious gifts that have Bible verses or their favorite verse, whether it be around their neck, on their walls, or on their phones.

Minimal, Dainty Christian Jewelry

The subtlety of faith necklaces or pretty bracelets is a great gift to give to your favorite Christian women. In this collection, you can find gold or sterling silver jewelry that features delicate design, either to be worn on their own or to be layered on for a more textured look! Minimal and uncluttered, this Christian jewelry would make perfect gifts for Christian women.

Clear and Wooden Phone Cases

We live in a time where it seems almost impossible to live life without our phones. It’s where we have our schedules, our favorite apps that make life easier, and it connects us to all our loved ones no matter how far away they may be. We have in our collection a beautiful selection of pretty clear and wooden phone cases that are adorned with Bible verses. Choose the ones with your favorite Christian woman’s life verse, and they become the most apt gifts for her! If she wants something interesting and different, our wooden phone cases are pretty and durable, just what active Christian women need for their daily life.

Christian Wall Art for Her

When it comes to home decoration, we have just the right kind of art that will make sure your walls are filled with beauty. Our wall art prints of Bible verses and quotes make a great reminder of Christ’s unconditional love. When your walls are full of hope, so your heart should follow. Hang them up in your living room for all to see, or in your office for a personal reminder, or purchase them to give to your friends and relatives. This beautifully designed Christian wall art is sure to add a lot to every space in the house of the special Christian woman in your heart.

Faith-Based Gifts for Any Holiday or Occasion

Now, we know that a gift doesn’t need a holiday or an occasion to be given – it can always be given anytime to the special woman or woman in your life. But we do believe that these Bible gifts for her would be perfect for those extra-special days. Look through our galleries and you will find the best Christian gifts for her!

A great idea for Christian gifts for her if she’s starting a new career or taking on a new project would be this beautiful wooden phone case that has the verse Psalm 46:5: “God is within her. She will not fall.” Gift it to her as a way of cheering her on.

As a birthday this pretty and delicate blessed pendant is one way to tell your favorite woman that the day she was born, she was blessed by God. And the world was also blessed by her presence.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to entertain in their home, this gorgeous wall art that declares the verse Romans 10:15 will tell your visitors that they are blessed when they come to your home. And that’s just one of many Bible verses that you can find in this wonderful collection of Christian gifts for her.

Find the Perfect Gift for Her- Guaranteed to Make Her Smile

Whatever the occasion may be, or even if there’s no occasion at all, the perfect gifts for women are here in Prone to Wander. The designs are carefully curated to make sure you have only the best to choose from, and the quality is guaranteed. If you choose to give her Christian jewelry, her favorite Bible verses on the wall, or a phone case to carry with her everyday, you can be sure that she will love them all.

Visit all our collections here at Prone to Wander for even more beautiful options for gifts for her!