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Explore the Prone to Wander LA Collection of Inspirational Christian Wall Art

We are called to meditate on the word of God day and night, and what better way to do that than to fill your house with Christian wall art? And not just any kind of Christian wall art decor – here at Prone to Wander, we are proud to give you designs that are sophisticated and timeless.

With a wide array of popular Bible verses to choose from, you will find the perfect religious wall art in this collection. Whether you want to be constantly reminded of God’s grace, the gifts of the spirit, or even to frame a poster with a popular Bible verse to give away for Christmas, our collection of Christian inspirational wall art has just the right design to hang in your house or to hang in the house of a loved one.


Decorate Your Home with Faith and Our Christian Wall Art

Whatever your design sense may be, and whether it’s for daily life or a special holiday like Christmas, our collection of different Christian wall art has something for you. You can go for simple and classic Christian home decor like these canvas banners that even your little kiddos will love to read. There are also neutral and earthy colored posters that would make the perfect wall decor for any Christian house and home. But even if we don’t have your favorite popular Bible verse, not to worry, we have a gift for you! We can customize a canvas banner that you can hang or even frame on your wall. Fill it with verses about grace, the unconditional love of God, or a reminder of the gifts of the spirit – whatever it is your soul may need. Keep it as a reminder of God’s word, or share it as Christian Christmas Gifts; either way, you can be proud of these Christian home decor wall art for all seasons.

One-of-a-Kind Christian Leather Posters

Our Christian wall decor also comes in leather. This Bible verse about the Proverbs 31 woman on our wall art leather poster adds a lot of character to an already wonderful reminder of who the woman of God is. All these leather posters are made of vegan leather, and has a light sand color that gives it a minimal, earthy, yet elegant aesthetic. With a teak wooden hanger, you can hang it in any room to give it even more character, just like this beautiful reminder that shows your Christianity and that your house serves the one true God- truly timeless wall art.

Religious Hanging Canvas Banner to Express Your Faith

The moment a person enters your home, you can already express your faith in God and your Christianity by hanging any of our Christian art. Simple and sophisticated, they can go together with any wall paintings you may already have in your home, seamlessly. Be filled with grace when you look up at this wall decor and see this promise in the Bible, of God being your constant source of strength. The calligraphy is simple yet clear, placed on bleached canvas so that it will still feel organic and seamless in your home. Handcrafted with love, these banners are a perfect gift for Christmas, or as Christian gifts for women and men alike.

Fill Every Room in Your Home with Modern Christian Wall Art

Having Christian wall art in your home can still have a sophisticated flair, which is what we feature in our Christian inspirational wall art collection. Just because it’s religious wall art, doesn’t mean it can’t fit right in with any look your home may have! Modern, farmhouse minimalist – the designs on our Christian wall art are elegant and will fit right in.


This physical poster is printed on white, matte card stock and is designed with earthy and neutral tones, so that it can still be seamless in any room. There are more muted colors to choose from as well! It comes with a magnetic hanger made of teak wood, and a brown leather hang strap. Hang it or have it framed in your office, and during stressful moments, you can be reminded that God is above and beyond all earthly things. Sometimes, all you need is a whisper to help center yourself again.

Your child’s room or play area is also one space you can fill with God’s grace. We would argue that it probably is the most important place! This canvas banner reminds them as they play or get ready for bed, that as they grow, the promises of God that can be found in the Bible also grow with them. This Christian wall art will remain in your child’s heart and mind long after they’ve grown.

Give the Gift of Inspiration with Our Christian Wall Art

The word of God is a gift that must be spread to others – which is why our collection of Christian art can the perfect gifts for loved ones. You can get just one, or make it a set to create a Christian wall mural!

Looking for a graduation gift? Then this poster can remind your newly minted graduate that he or she is made to conquer. It can be the first Christian wall decor when they move into their own place!


Does your mom love to cook and is the kitchen her favorite room? Then this leather poster can be your family’s prayer before your every meal. The perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Christmas is coming up – what do you want to say to your loved ones? Our custom canvas banner can be just the right wall decor for your friends and family. Put their favorite Bible verse or a great quote and be a part of their life all year round.

About Prone to Wander LA

Prone to Wander is located in the bustling city of Los Angeles, and is led by two women of faith who believe that we are all created with a purpose. The mission is to help you journey through life victoriously, by creating faith-based everyday products, from jewelry to phone cases to home essentials. We are committed to make God’s word accessible to you, all day and every day.

Find the Perfect Bible Verse Decor for Your Home Today!

It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day things of life, which is what makes this collection even more important! Especially now that we are working from home a lot, we can fill our house with the promises of God that help us to keep our eyes on Him, even without looking at your Bible. So bind His word to your heart and mind by surrounding yourself with it! Check out our full collection of Christian home decor and find exactly what your spirit needs.