Faith Necklaces

The perfect everyday reminder of your faith 

They say actions speak louder than words, but who says you can’t do both at the same time? Wear your conviction, literally, around your neck as a declaration of your Christian faith. A beautiful and elegant gold or silver faith necklace can be your everyday reminder of your faith, and a message to others of God’s love. 

When they see you wearing any of these necklaces, it can serve as an opening for a great conversation. What does your pendant mean? Why do you declare faith and hope around your neck? Do you really believe that God can move mountains? What started out as a fashion choice can become a catalyst of God’s blessing. And we know He likes to move in mysterious ways, even through a simple F-A-I-T-H pendant!

Our collection of faith necklaces boast of a range of elegant and dainty designs, from gold, multitone, or sterling silver faith necklaces with a variety of dainty pendants. 

From a classic faith cross necklace, to more contemporary but dainty pieces, these delicate Christian necklaces can fit any taste. Not only is there a wide variety of designs to choose from, the pieces are also timeless, so you never have to worry about going out of style.

Put Your Faith on Display with Our Best-Selling Christian Necklaces

In a world full of noise, sometimes all you need is a quiet reminder of your faith, something you can touch and feel, and is close to you at all times. Including a faith pendant in your day to day look, no matter the outfit, is a great way to add oomph to your vibes and an anchor throughout your day. 

It’s a wonderful homage to the artistry of the God who created us as well! So as you declare your faith with your words and actions, add in our delicate but powerful faith necklaces to the mix.

The pendants are trendy but timeless, with just enough quirkiness to make it look unique. There’s no need to be plain – even if your pendant of choice is simple and understated. A faith cross necklace is classic, and is perfect for a more traditional look. However, we do have Christian necklaces of faith that are more contemporary in design, and can suit younger wearers as well. Wear it as a single dainty chain around your neck, or you can even layer it on! 

Depending on your mood or the occasion, you can choose a dainty cross necklace so it’s straight to the point, or a more artistic silver faith necklace to add more mystique to your silhouette. Whatever suits your style, these gold and silver faith necklaces can add so much to your everyday look. 

Not to mention, these faith necklaces can definitely be a conversation starter! Who says statements need only be loud to be heard? Sometimes, it’s the whispers of God’s love and promises that really bring the message home.

Christian Necklaces Available in Gold and Silver Finishes

We are all created uniquely, and we all come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. That also means that we have our own definitive tastes and style. Just like the world our creative God crafted, we wanted you to be able to express your unique self. 

This is why our faith necklace collection comes in gold and silver finishes, with delicate and dainty designs. Secured with a lobster claw, these necklaces of faith will stay around your neck the way the word of the Lord stays in your heart.

This compass necklace is minimalistic in its look and rests daintily on your collarbone, while this triple heart, multi-tone pendant gives more depth to a classic look. A really interesting pendant in our collection, in fact one of the more popular choices, is this timeless arrow pendant. A faith necklace that reminds us that God can direct us, as long as we allow him to be the archer of our lives.

Of course, something that never goes out of style is a faith cross pendant, so you can always go classic with that too! Sweet little heart pendants are also a good choice if you want something you can layer, without looking too cluttered. So whether you want a gold or silver faith necklace to fit your skin tone, mood, or whatever occasion, you have a great collection to choose from.

Move Mountains with our Gem and Marble Faith Necklaces

If you already have a ton of faith cross necklaces, and you’re looking for faith necklaces with pendants that have a bit more personality, our Christian necklaces also have pendants with more details. Sometimes, all you need is a little extra something to make a piece look interesting and unique. 

As Christians, we are already used to going against the grain, so why not embrace that look in our jewelry as well? So put your faith cross necklace away for another day, and look through our collection for more options:

 An elegant chain with a pearl detail would be a perfect Mother’s day gift, while this black marble and gold pendant gives you an edgier look. Want to soften it a bit? It comes in blue too! Who says a faith necklace has to be boring? Definitely not us here at Prone to Wander! We embrace your individuality in Jesus. 

If you want something even more delicate and dainty, but younger and edgier, this gorgeous antler pendant just might be what you’re looking for. Mix and match with your favorite faith cross necklace, and you have a great look with lots of interesting textures. Simple yet interesting!

Like we said, this collection really has something for everyone. You get a broad range of options, while keeping the delicate and dainty look in every design.

Our Beautiful and Dainty Faith Necklaces Make the Perfect Gift for Her

As we are now in the last quarter of the year, no doubt you are already looking for gift ideas for your favorite women. And what Christian woman wouldn’t like a gold or silver faith cross necklace? Or perhaps a pendant that reminds them how blessed they are?

Perfect as a Mother’s Day gift, this pendant can tell the first woman you ever loved that she will always be top tier in your list. And because this collection is designed to be subtle and classy, you can get your mom more than one, and she can choose to layer on the different designs.

If you’d like to present a woman in your life with a gift that says, “I love you forever”, then this necklace with a forever pendant is the perfect choice. Or you can even gift it to yourself, as a way of saying that while the world changes, we know that the God of our faith is forever indeed; the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Whether as a Christmas gift idea, Mother’s Day gift, or just an everyday token of your affection, these gold and silver faith necklaces will fill the Christian women in your life with lots of love. Not only is it a great reminder of their faith, these necklaces can also serve as their reminder that you are always thinking of them. 

That’s a great gift indeed! Simple, elegant, and sweet – just like your favorite lady.

Shop the Prone to Wander LA Collection of Religious Faith Necklaces

Embracing our faith doesn’t mean we always have to be announcing it to the world loudly. Sometimes, a subtle reminder is all we need to center us throughout the day.

The best example of something classic is our gentle faith cross pendant, or a popular pendant of ours that literally spells out F-A-I-T-H, or maybe a reminder of the fruits of the spirit – you’ll find what you’re looking for through our elegant collection of faith necklaces. Give it as a gift idea or keep it for yourself; either way you’ll be proud to declare your Christian faith with this collection.