God is Within Her, She Will Not Fail

Filled with the Spirit of God, We Cannot Fall

When I’m feeling a little out of it, discouraged, or confused, and I don’t seem to know the right words to pray, I like to head over to the book of Psalms. While there are a lot of great books in the Old and New Testament, there’s just something about the book of Psalms. 

Being a collection of hymns and songs, its verses have this deeply heartfelt and poetic quality to it that matches the moments when our emotions are high. Reading Psalms often gives me the strength to approach God in prayer and reminds me of His beautiful promises. 

There is a comfort that comes with knowing that these songs were song thousands of years ago, and they are all still heavy with purpose and meaning today. 

One verse in particular really helps me have faith over fear, and it’s found in Psalm 46:5. I particularly like the NIV translation: “God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.”

This encouragement from the holy book is a great touchpoint throughout my day that tells me that I do not have to do things with my own limited understanding and power. It tells me that God will help me when I ask and that He encourages that we ask. 

There are many different verses in the Holy Bible that tell us that faith moves mountains, but this particular NIV translation of scripture in Psalm 46:5 really hits me differently. And we hope that as we explore more about this verse, you’ll agree that this is one of those verses that you should read as often as you can, which is why we have many different designs of this beautiful scripture. 

“God is within her” is definitely a reminder we all need to have close to us every day, to truly feel that we are not alone.

What is the Meaning of Psalms 46:5? 

“God is Within Her. She Will Not Fail.”

All the verses in Psalm 46 are like a hype poem, written to give us confidence. But it isn’t confidence that comes from simply believing and relying on one’s ability. While it’s a trend in the world today to believe in one’s own power and to “manifest” your own destiny, as Christians, we know that the only path we should take is the path that leads to Jesus.

“God is within her, she will not fail,” tells us that our strength is supernatural. It is a strength that comes from the knowledge that when we pray, our holy God will help us in our darkest times. We can claim victory in the name of Jesus, not because we are deserving or holy, but because Christ is holy, and His love for us is beyond any human limitations we may have. 

This is His holy promise that we are more than conquerors through Christ, our Lord. “God is within her, she will not fail” is God basically telling us that we are never alone in any and all of our battles. When we take our spiritual swords up, God’s power is the one surging through our bodies, strengthening our spirits and Giving us the will and direction to move forward.

Whenever we feel like we don’t have anything more to hold on to, take heart in the truth that “God is within her” and that we are not going through our different seasons by ourselves. Lift up a prayer to the Lord, and know that He is an expert at creating beauty from ashes. 

Nothing is beyond His power to repair, recreate, and make even more beautiful. No mountains that come before you will be too big or too wide for Him to conquer. He is the creator of heaven and earth, after all, and that is the same power He has placed within us.

Understanding the Promise of Psalm 46 

However, this doesn’t mean that will not sometimes lose in life. This scripture as written in the NIV translation of Psalm 46:5 uses “ God is within her, she will not fall” instead of “fail”. This gives us the visual that sometimes we will stumble, and some things will not go our way. 

That’s just the reality of life. But as we’ve seen in both the Old and New Testament, God uses our weaknesses to show His strength and His Grace; in our weakness, He is made strong. The visual of “fall” tells us that we are able to stand back up again. Falling doesn’t mean it’s the end. 

When we fall, we then have the opportunity to call out to God in prayer, and in His mercy, God will help. Every time we stumble, call out in prayer and God will turn whatever your situation is for the good of those who truly love Him.

And while you are in the process of getting back up, it always helps when you surround yourself with verses that lift your spirit up. Think of them as a ladder you can hold on to, and each step is a verse that brings you higher. 

Prone to Wander has a plethora of designs with quotes and verses from the Old and New Testament that we believe keep the word of God close to your head and heart, literally and figuratively! The more steps you take up this spiritual ladder, the higher you find yourself. You can stand true, and stand strong, the grace of God. 

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