I Can Do All Things Through Christ

In this collection, we want to surround you with this promise; that no matter what season you may be in, “I can do all things through Christ” are words you can utter victoriously. Wear it on your body, have it on your wall – you can bring the Philippians 4:13 meaning alive in your life daily with this beautiful collection.  

The apostle Paul was someone who was so familiar with hardship and trials; and yet his heart was also one that has never lost its joy in Jesus. Even while in captivity in Rome, his letters to Philippi are full of hope, of grace, of encouragement. 

To think he could write these bible verses, including “I can do all things through Christ” from a cell, stripped of all his freedom, is truly amazing. Paul’s life is a wonderful example that we ourselves can do all things through Christ, no matter what it may be.

Paul’s ability to see past his circumstances didn’t come from a human source though. Paul was emboldened and made strong by one thing alone – his faith in Jesus Christ. In the bible verses in Philippians 4, he doesn’t sound like a man in captivity at all! 

Instead, Paul’s words in these bible verses are full of life and zest. Even in the midst of his challenges, Paul knew that God will pull him through and lift him up. “I can do all things through Christ” is something that we believers have really held on to during our darkest days. It is a truth that will never fade away, and is something we should be reminded of every day. 

I Can Do All Things Through Him Who Strengthens Me.

Philippians 4:13 is perhaps one of the most uttered bible verses. And it should come as no surprise, because life really is full of curveballs, and sometimes we don’t know how to handle it; and so we prayerfully say the words “I can do all things through Christ” time and time again. 

Thankfully, we never have to handle anything by ourselves. Just like Paul, alone in captivity, we can find encouragement and contentment in our circumstances by remembering that we serve a God who empowers us. We may be limited, but He is all-powerful, and through Christ all things are possible.

Why Did Paul Write Philippians?

Paul was alone, in captivity, unable to physically move freely in the outside world, but the Philippian church never left him alone. They had aided his ministry many times before, constantly allowing him to do the work for the kingdom of God. And even in his captivity, the church of Philippi kept sending people and aid to Paul. 

These letters were Paul’s way of showing his gratitude for all of the help and loved they showered on him. In return, he wanted to encourage them and remind them to stay steadfast in the faith no matter how bleak or hard things may be. 

He wanted them to keep on serving God, even if he couldn’t be with them physically, to continue the work they had begun because it was for something bigger than all of them. 

And none of it was done through human ability alone – they were able to do all things through Christ. This is one of the main reasons he wrote them the the bible verses in Philippians, and especially Philippians 4:13.

Christ and the Power of Contentment

The Philippians 4:13 meaning is a declaration of faith and a claiming of promise. “I can do all things through Christ” covers all the aspects of life. Whether it’s a physical ailment, a mental illness, emotional distress, financial troubles – one or all of these things will touch our lives at some point. But we can find joy and contentment in whatever season we are in simply because we know that the power that lives in us is the power of Christ. 

Paul’s words were meant to remind us that these circumstances are temporary, but the love and power of Christ is eternal. That is more than enough reason to keep going with joy in our hearts and contentment in our lives, knowing that we are carried through by a God bigger than life itself.

What Does it Mean to Do All Things Through Christ?

Just like you, we also go through things in life that sometimes seem too heavy to carry on our own. We have our own moments of weakness and doubt. To help carry you through, we at Prone to Wander LA hope that this collection allows you to live the truth of Philippians 4:13. Just as Paul did, this collection is our letter of encouragement to remind you that you can do all things through Christ.

 What does it mean exactly, to do all things through Him? It means that our words, actions, and thoughts are aligned with God’s will. It means that we have our devotionals daily, that we seek His truth daily, so that we may also live it daily. Through this, we will be able to show all those around us that even the heaviest challenges are no match for Christ Jesus.

We Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Us Strength

 If you or someone you love need that lift or encouragement to keep on going, we hope that this serves that purpose. Prone to Wander LA is full of biblical truths that you can hold on to as a daily reminder of God’s love.

So feel free to look through not only this collection, but all of the beautiful promises in our shop. Let Philippians 4:13, Paul’s timeless words, be a source of joy for you today.