We are Yna and Milcah. Nice to meet you!
We are friends turned sisters-in-law who started this little ‘venture-adventure’ during a season in our lives when we both had to quit our day jobs, back in 2015. One became a mom and the other was in a field that just knew she wasn't called to be in. We looked at the resources the Lord had already put on our hands - our skill set, influences and the community we belonged in - and created something with it.

We believe that creating an impact in the world starts where you are. Fulfilling your purpose is here and now! The way God designed you is unique and intentional. There is a need in the world that only YOU can fill. We seek to be all that God has purposed us to be and desire to encourage others to do the same. We hope you will join us in our journey.

With <3, Y&M



You know you were made with a purpose. You know God’s Word is true. You know there is a heaven that awaits you. But why do we sometimes live defeated, lost, confused or exhausted? The Bible tells us we are quick to go astray (Isaiah 53:6). As we journey through life’s hustle and bustle, we tend to forget and easily lose sight of our reality in Christ.

Prone To Wander LA creates faith-based everyday goods and gifts that keep you victorious as you journey through this adventure-filled life in Christ. We are committed to making it just a little easier to keep your life's purpose in mind all day long with phone cases, jewelry and home essentials that motivate you. We make God’s Truth accessible to you everyday as a reminder to help keep you in step with Jesus.



We believe that in Christ, we have a future in heaven, and we have hope here and now (Hebrews 10:23). Through Him we have life, and what an abundant life that is (John 10:10)! Therefore, in whatever circumstance, we will choose to remain joyful and hold on to His promises (1 Thes 5:16-18). Hence, Prone to Wander focuses on these three key Truths:




Our name came from the beautiful hymn “Come Thou Fount”. We recognize how we can easily stray away and so our goal is to design products that becomes a source of encouragement and reminder for everyday. Bind our wandering hearts to Thee!