50+ Bible Verse Wallpaper:Free, Downloadable Backgrounds


These days, it seems almost impossible not to get an overload of information. Wherever we go, opinions, editorials, the news, listicles – these are all at our fingertips. Whether we like it or not, we can get influenced by all of these things; which is why the thrust of Prone to Wander has always included making scripture a part of your everyday life. We aim to make your favorite verses in scripture accessible in the day to day, whether it’s through Christian home decor with inspirational Bible verses, Christian wall art with important-to-remember Bible quotes, or a Bible verse poster with scriptures that touch your heart. And to make it even easier to have faith reminders, we created aesthetic Bible verse wallpapers just for you! And since we never leave our house without our phones (and honestly, the phones barely ever leave our sight!), we can use that to our advantage. We have collections of Bible verse wallpapers and backgrounds that can help strengthen your faith every day. 

Inspirational Bible Verse Wallpapers 

We have collections of Bible verse wallpapers that touch on different aspects of your Christian faith. On the days when inspiration may be short on supply, these verses can give you exactly what you need for the day. Choose through this collection of inspirational Bible verse wallpapers that you can look at throughout the day, anytime you need that little boost! Just click on the links of your favorite cute Bible verse wallpapers to download.

Bible Verse Wallpapers About Love

Love is what brought Jesus down to earth, and it is the foundation of our faith. It just makes sense that we are reminded about that throughout the day! In this collection of bible verse backgrounds, we focus on the one thing that can keep us going – the unconditional love of Jesus. As you look through these backgrounds, click on the verse that jumps out at you to download one (or all!) of these beautiful free Bible verse wallpapers.

Some of our Wallpapers about Love

Bible Verse Wallpapers About Faith

Whatever season you may be going through at the moment, we always need something to help strengthen our faith to keep us going. In this series of wallpapers with Bible verses, we focus on what you need to run the good race. Let your faith shine through with these verses, and click on the link that speaks to your heart the loudest.

Motivational Bible Verse Wallpapers

Sometimes, burnout is real. The days can seem like it’s all the same, and we need a little extra push. In this collection of motivational Bible verse wallpapers, we find the words in scripture that remind us that God has given us a spirit of power and not of timidity! Download these wallpapers to help give you that little extra push from the day to day.

Bible Verse Wallpapers About God’s Love

There is no love like the love of God. His mercies are new every day, His grace is everlasting, and love unconditional. These Bible verse wallpapers remind us of the beauty of God’s love, and that no matter what the world may tell us, it is always available to us.

Bible Verse Wallpapers About Christianity 

When we don’t know where to go and how to act, especially when it comes to matters of our faith, we need to always go back to the scripture. If things get confusing and you don’t know where to go, these beautifully designed backgrounds about Christianity are a great reminder of how God designed our faith to be.

Some of our Wallpapers about Christian Living

 Bible Verse Wallpapers to Remind You of Your Faith Every Day

Prone to Wander is serious about helping you live your life to the fullest with Jesus. We are constantly updating our collections of Bible verse backgrounds and Bible verse wallpapers, so make sure you follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss out! Scripture can come alive in our everyday lives and we hope to do that for you in all ways. 

If you liked these free downloadable Bible verse backgrounds, make sure to look around our different collections for more beautifully designed Christian decor.