Thank you for the seven amazing years!

Hi friends, it was about 7 years ago when we started Prone To Wander LA from our dining tables creating designs and learning the world of e-commerce. Your amazing response to our first phone case designs inspired us to keep on creating.. and soon it became more than just phone accessories, but jewelry and decor for your homes. It was overwhelming to see how these products have encouraged you in your everyday walk with God. 


This journey has been so fulfilling and purposeful. It has also been hard and challenging, especially the last couple of years. We have learned and gained so much from this craft and community. And we can honestly say that this little business venture has changed our lives! After a few months of seeking the Lord for what’s next, we feel that He is leading us into a new season. 


Prone To Wander LA will be officially closing its doors by the end of this month. We will be clearing out our inventory for the next weeks so stay tuned. If there is anything you want to purchase from the store, we will have our products available until July 31st.


While it is sad to see this chapter end, God has been so faithful in opening up new doors of opportunities for us. We are truly very excited for our next adventures! It may look like a sad ending to a 7-year old shop, but with happy hearts, we can honestly say that this number symbolizes rather a completion of something great.. something that we will forever be grateful for. Our sincerest thanks for all your love, friendship, and support. It is our great hope that our paths will cross again someday.


Much love, 

Milcah & Yna